Beauty Secrets

For as long as I remember I always heard that bar soap is bad for your skin.  It’s drying, so go for the liquid.  And I did.  For years.

Then one night I met a lovely woman with the most beautiful skin named Mariko, who dispelled that myth.  Well, it’s not really a myth, since most bar soaps are indeed drying with their harsh detergents made from artificial ingredients.

Mariko introduced me to Chidoriya, an organic skincare line based on traditional Japanese beauty secrets.  Ooooh, I love secrets!

Azuki & Brown Sugar Soap

It was delight at first sight when I saw the Azuki and Brown Sugar Soap because of the packaging, which reminded me of a fortune cookie.  It even took me awhile to open it because I liked how it looked sitting on the shelf.

Mariko explained there is an art to using the soap, which you can watch in this video. Basically very little goes a long way, and the soap lasts nearly twice as long as other kinds.

It is mixed and aged in a special curing room for nearly a month, a process that removes excess alkali, which is a major irritant to sensitive skin.  Azuki (red bean) contains saponins, which are found in various plant species and high in B vitamins, and the brown sugar is rich in nutrients. A healthy diet for your face!

When I eventually took it out of it’s packaging and tried it for myself, I was struck by the lather.  It was deliciously creamy and felt so good on my skin. After washing my face and neck I used the Peach Moon Herbal Face Water as a toner, followed by the Secret de Maiko Face Cream, another product in which very little goes a long way, and the Rose Hip Eye Serum.  I never used anything other than creams on my eye area before, so this was a welcome change because it felt much more delicate.

My face washed and moisturized, teeth brushed and flossed, I ended my nightly cleansing ritual with a dab of the Yuzu Oil Lip Balm, which has a fresh citrus aroma and made me very kissable, I might add. Hubba Hubba.

Good night!

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