Ecotherapy Immersion in the El Yunque Rainforest

Casa Flamboyant Bed & Breakfast is perfect for anyone looking to escape the city (or the burbs) and trade WiFi connectivity with nature connectivity. There are only three rooms on the sprawling property, nestled in the middle of the rainforest, making the intimate setting perfect for those seeking quiet solitude or inspiration.   

Hosts Ricky and Florin’s extensive knowledge of food and botany is demonstrated with locally sourced and prepared breakfasts (which were delicious) and placards around the property describe the extensive flower and plant species. Private trails led into the rainforest directly from the property where guests can hike or bath in the waterfalls. 

A beautiful freshwater pool on the property is refreshingly free of chemicals (and kids) and filters water from the waterfalls. The eco-friendly B&B is big on renewable energy and powered by solar panels, the energy of which is stored in Tesla batteries.

We only spent two days there, but could have stayed much longer. Casa Flamboyant is ideal for couples looking to travel together since you can book all three rooms and have a sense of togetherness while also being able to retreat to separate quarters.

Only breakfast is provided, but the rooms come with small refrigerators that you can stock with food if you want to stay on the property. You can also drive into town for local dining — which we took advantage of for lunch — however it can be a bit harrowing at night on the winding roads so I would recommend staying on the property after dark.

Even though you’re in the heart of the rainforest you can leave the bug spray at home since the coqui’s take care of everything, quite literally. They are also quite vocal at night, which we found to be a soothing kind of white noise. Come morning, the birds take over where the coqui’s left off. So many species, sounds and colors, a visual and auditory experience delivered daily by Mother Nature. 

Casa Flamboyant enhances the simple pleasures of those seeking a retreat from “the life hustle” with a beautiful place to read, write, meditate, and just be one with nature.

For more information, visit their website or email:

Tel: 787-559-9800

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