A Healthy Obsession

Sometimes the most innovative solutions to problems are derived from one’s own experiences. Diana Seo was a young woman struggling with adult acne. She tried every product she could get her hands on, but her condition only got worse.

Frustrated with the status quo of skin care routines, she started researching the science behind everything she was doing wrong, paying particular attention to the ingredients in her products.  Her degree in Biophysics, combined with an interest in Ayurveda (holistic medicine), propelled Diana to take a different approach in her quest for answers.

She became obsessed, as she described it, with figuring out a way to find the balance between science and nature when it comes to skin care.  She continued her education, becoming a licensed aesthetician and earning a top international certification. In the process of solving her adult acne (she now has flawless skin) she discovered a new skin lab concept that addresses another issue — one that affects everyone — the inevitable onset of age.

For many, myself included, the idea of Botox needles, lasers and other invasive procedures is not appealing.  However, at 44, I also know I’m not getting any younger and all the face creams in the world won’t change that.  Diana found a happy medium through collagen, the most abundant protein in the body.

Enter, the Collagenizer.  Think the Terminator for wrinkles. This method features something called Transdermal Electroporation, which uses the skin’s intercellular channels to promote transdermal delivery.  In layman’s terms?  It’s basically a magic wand!  As the name suggests, the Collagenizer machine works to restore collagen back to optimal levels and improve skin elasticity.


Diana invited me in to try it out.  Prior to using the machine she applied a collagen based serum to my face which contains a medical grade of organic bovine collagen, along with hyaluronic acid.  If you’re thinking, “Cows and acid, oh my!” fear not.  Both of these items are commonly used in many things. In fact, unlike other collagen products, the cows even live free-range in the Napa Valley region, producing the highest quality product.

The Collagenizer is used in conjunction with the serum, and is followed up with a vitamin C cream.  Diana explained how everything worked throughout the process, answering my numerous questions and educating me along the way.  The technology was first used to treat cancer patients, until they later discovered the added skin care benefits.

The machine felt a little strange at first, like I was the Bride of Frankenstein with little electrical pulses going through my face and expanding my hair.  At least that’s the image I had of myself laying in the doctor’s chair.  But once I adjusted it was a seamless experience and one that I would have no problem repeating.  Diana suggested weekly treatments over five to six weeks, followed by monthly maintenance. Depending on your skin type and collagen deficiency, the results last up to a year.

This is the CliffsNotes version. For more in-depth information, or to try it out yourself, visit The Collagen Bar.  The facility, located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, was welcoming and pristine. Diana’s expertise is impressive and I felt very comfortable entrusting her with my skin.

Her motto: “Nourish your body with balance and beauty” aligns with my lifestyle and I felt right at home.  So for those of us not comfortable with injections and plastic surgery, this is another alternative to aging gracefully.  

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