Feathers and Fiber: Organic and Original

Peacock and Guinea Hen Bow Ties

Peacock feather bow ties, Alpaca neck cowls and Guinea Hen earrings are just a few of the unique handcrafted items that artists Benjie Randall and Bret Kropp have created from the various animals and fowl on their farm, Feathers and Fiber.

“It’s farm to fashion!” exclaimed Benjie, holding up an intricately detailed and piercing blue bow tie. “We’re animal lovers with a passion for repurposing nature,” added Bret, describing how walks on the property are like treasure hunts.


“We’ve always loved the creativity in the bucolic setting of our farm. From the changing seasons, to the light through the trees at various times of day, to the chorus of our animals, there is so much beauty and our designs are an attempt to capture some of that in the products we craft.”


You can experience some of the magic of Feathers and Fiber on their website. There you will find beautiful photos of the farm, including their three lovable Alpacas — Bristow, Busby and Beau — who, I might add, are coming out with a children’s book soon!  In the photo on this post Benjie is showing the fury fella’s the results of their last sheering, of which I benefited from by way of a gorgeous neck cowl (also seen) that is super cozy, not to mention stylish. You can also find them on Esty.

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