The Creative Romantic

Yeah, yeah, yeah, Valentine’s Day is almost upon us. I’m a lover, but this holiday has always annoyed me a little because it feels somewhat forced and predictable.  I’ve never liked doing something just because everyone else is, and I guess that’s why the expectation of this day gets to me. (I’m working on that)

There are the obvious gifts: a dozen roses, jewelry, perhaps a nice tie.

And then there are the creative gifts that one remembers long after the flowers wilt and the tie goes out of style.  These are the gifts that have their story told over and over and leave an impression.

Anyone can give a card, but how about a card that turns into a beautiful plant to remember the person by? Botanical PaperWorks is one of many companies that offer biodegradable cards made with seeds that can be planted afterwards. Recycling just got a lot more romantic!


If your gift is for someone you’ve had in your life at least a year, gather all the photographs that chronicle your time together and make a calendar. Attach a memory to each month, like birthdays, holidays, vacations, or even just fun times together. Upload the photos to Shutterfly and then follow the easy instructions on how to make a personalized calendar.

If you live together, consider ordering custom-made fortune cookies with your own personalized messages that you can leave on his or her plate after dinner. There are several places that offer this service, including Fancy Fortune Cookies. Prices vary depending on how many and what kind you order.

Think of a bunch of words that describe your partner. Write them on postcards and mail them at random. It will be a nice surprise amidst the bills and other junk mail.

Lastly, sometimes it’s not the grand overtures that make the biggest impression, but the little things that come in unexpected packages. For example, send your partner to get a massage or see a movie with a friend. While they are gone clean the house or complete a nagging task. They will come home already feeling grateful, and then to see the entire place has been cleaned or something fixed will put them over the top. For other ideas check out The Romantic.

Being romantic doesn’t have to come with a huge price tag, just a little imagination!

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