Drought and the Dry Shampoo

The California drought is making military showers a must. But shampooing and conditioning isn’t always a speedy task, especially if you have long thick hair.

I first heard about dry shampoos a few years ago. I couldn’t wrap my head around the concept, no pun intended, and didn’t understand how they worked.  “You mean I don’t have to get my hair wet, as in, at all?”  House cats would love this!

So I tried one out, and then another, and even though I experienced first hand how they worked — and they did work — they left my hair feeling the opposite of oily, but almost too much so. Thirsty dry.  I also didn’t like the idea of spraying stuff into my hair. That’s so 80’s and environmentally unfriendly.

hairI felt like Goldilocks trying to find the right porridge. Then I discovered One Love Organics.  The brand’s creator, Suzanne LeRoux, studied aromatherapy, integrative herbology, holistic nutrition and cosmetic chemistry.  All the eco-ingredients to make a great product line.

The first thing I noticed about One Love Organics dry shampoo was the scent. The fragrance comes from plants, not chemicals.

I sprinkled some of the powder onto my hands, rubbed them together, and then ran my fingers through my hair at the roots.  I can safely say that this dry shampoo isn’t too dry or too oily. It’s juuuuust right.

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