Clean Beauty is Skin Deep

Something to think about the next time you reach for your face cream: what you put on your skin goes into your skin.  Do you really want polyethylene glycol seeping into your pores?  Do you even know what that is?

The Indie Beauty Expo (IBE) was created to give organically-minded entrepreneurs a platform to showcase products that cater to what we call “clean beauty.”  No harsh chemicals, dyes or formulas.  No animal testing or wasteful packaging.  These innovative brands are changing the way we pamper and pretty ourselves, with mindfulness.

IBE2The idea was inspired by small business owner, Jillian Wright, after she tried to improve her own eco-friendly skincare line’s visibility by exhibiting at trade shows. Surrounded by mega brands backed by large companies, she always felt like the odd girl out. The big guns commanded center stage and she was overshadowed. Looking around the massive expo center she thought, “There have to be others like me, a little guy with a great idea that belongs somewhere else.”

But there was nowhere else.

So Jillian took a chance.  “If I build it, they will come… I hope.”

She shared her vision with others in the industry and felt confident that the moment had arrived to give these niche brands an expo of their own.  The all-things-indie and American-made trend was already underway in music, fashion and popular culture, and Jillian thought, “Why not give beauty brands their indie moment too?”

She teamed up with other small business owners and created the Indie Beauty Expo.  “The entrepreneurs behind these brands are pioneering ‘green beauty’ that is good for the environment, ‘clean beauty’ that is free of chemicals, ‘niche beauty’ that caters to highly specific skincare needs, and ‘design beauty’ that presents products in such breathtaking packaging that it looks like art,” says Jillian.

As an attendee of the expo, you’ll be exposed to dozens of these brands and have the opportunity to sample products, talk with brand owners, and receive significant discounts.  Guest speakers will be on hand throughout the day and night covering topics ranging from skin care issues to exciting new trends in the indie beauty industry.

IBE is also proud to support 5 Gyres, an organization that is working to pursue policies that will reduce plastic pollution in our oceans.  As the beauty industry embraces environmentally sustainable practices — with indies leading the way — the expo is a huge advocate of the 5 Gyres mission.

So, if you’re a consumer interested in changing the face of your beauty products to reflect a cleaner you, come check it out.  It’s fun, informative and inspiring.

For more information and to purchase advance tickets, visit the website: Indie Beauty Expo


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