Creative High

Creative people turn me on. I’m not just talking about artist types, but entrepreneurial types. People that think in ideas and advancements. Innovative problem solvers and visionaries. I love being around their energy, passion and purpose. Some are beautifully eccentric, others admirably courageous. But no matter the individual, they all share a fire that propels them to do what they do.

These brilliant and bold leaders are also a lot of fun, which is why the Indie Beauty Expo invites the public to come meet over two-hundred of them on Wednesday, August 23rd, from 5-9pm at Skylight Clarkson Square in West Soho (550 Washington St.)

If you’ve ever dreamed about starting your own business, regardless of the product or service, these are your people. Little guys and gals that all started somewhere. The inspiration in this room is palpable and we welcome you to be a part of it. And, if you happen to like beauty and wellness brands, even better. This is your mecca of discovery.

IBECome prepared to shop (major discounts offered) learn and laugh (interesting panel discussions) and party (music, drinks and other cool surprises).

So, if creative people turn you on too, then what a great way to end a long day at the office and serve as the ultimate aphrodisiac on hump day.

Visit the IBE website for tickets and use code IBENY17FRIENDS for a 20% discount.

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