Skinesque for the K-Beauty Rookie

If you’re a beauty product enthusiast then you’ve probably heard about K-Beauty, which is the Korean influence on skincare that’s making waves across the globe. Some even claim it’s a decade ahead of the West in terms of products, formulations and innovative technologies.

So how is it different from the skincare practices in the States? For starters, the Koreans are known for their preferred lack of pigment versus the Americans love of the sun-kissed glow. That’s why you’ll often see umbrellas on a sunny day. Tanned skin is not a desired look.

They’re also known for multiple steps in their cleansing rituals, sometimes exceeding upwards of ten or more. If that seems like a lot, especially for those of us on-the-go, you’re not alone. Who has the time, let alone the patience, for all those steps? It’s why microwaves became a sought after appliance in the kitchen.

Seeking to find a beauty balance that would simplify the process without compromising results, one woman set out to create her own version. Meet Susie Yoon, the founder of Skinesque, an approachable and luxurious way to treat your skin K-Beauty style.

susieYoon had always been exposed to Korean skincare via relatives, many of which are plastic surgeons and dermatologists in Korea, but it wasn’t until she moved to Asia herself as a corporate attorney that she was immersed in the rituals firsthand.

Yoon was inspired by the attentive care, but as a busy professional she found the many steps daunting. Observing a void in the American market she decided to switch careers and start her own line of K-Beauty in the States. Curious to learn more I asked Susie about her professional metamorphosis that became Skinesque.

1.) From corporate attorney to skincare brand founder. That’s quite a leap. How did it happen?

Even though I grew up in the States I’ve always been exposed to Korean skincare through relatives. They have glass-like, luminous skin, a lot of which is attributed to genetics and weather, but more of which is their focus on regular maintenance and access to advanced skincare technologies and products with amazing ingredients.

I’ve always been in awe of their commitment, but I did not have regular access to such products in the States. I returned from living in Asia with a new approach to my own skincare regimen, coupled with the fact that I was also pregnant and wanted effective and gentle formulations.

The Skinesque line features three main products, and just like with real estate where it’s all about location, location, location, Skinesque is all about simplify, simplify, simplify.
skin1 2.) Saving time is at the core of Skinesque. Tell us about your signature 3-step masks.

Masks are my absolute favorite K-Beauty products, but I wanted to provide our market with something more convenient and less laborious. Our 3-step mask is such that with just one pouch you have a mini facial for your face in the comfort of your own home or wherever you happen to be, even post-workout at the gym. Yes, it’s that easy!

The pouch has three detachable parts: 1) fruit based foaming cleanser to deeply cleanse your face; 2) hydrating essence to prep and hydrate your skin; 3) the mask sheet to brighten and treat your skin.

Skinesque offers two different types of masks: the Brightening Charcoal Mask and the Aqua Mask.

The Brightening Charcoal Mask, made of oak tree charcoal, deeply absorbs toxins and impurities, evens out skin tone, helps to improve the appearance of dark spots, and creates a radiant complexion.

The Aqua Mask’s light texture allows for skin to breathe while seamlessly adhering to the face. Dehydrated skin is revitalized, damaged skin is repaired, and moisture is retained.

You really can’t go wrong with either one. As one of our customers said, “It’s like a facelift without all the drama!” Or like a spa treatment without the waiting, money and time.

3.) My experience with powder washes is that they tend to be a little scratchy, but your Enzyme Washing Powder is the opposite of that and I fell in love with it. What’s the magic ingredient?

Koreans do not believe in harsh exfoliation, yet at the same time believe that only when the skin is properly cleansed and polished will the secondary treatments become truly effective. Since many exfoliators scratch, Koreans tend to use fruit-based ingredients, like papaya, which is much more gentle.

The Skinesque Enzyme Washing Powder is a great example of this. The super fine powder, which is activated when mixed with water, gently removes the dead layer of skin to create that polished smooth complexion. It’s essentially an exfoliator without the abrasiveness so it’s delicate enough to use every single day, morning and night.


4.) Is there a market for K-Beauty in the U.S.?

Absolutely, especially since so many people are pressed for time but still want the desired results. Trying to balance parenthood and a career we sometimes sacrifice time for ourselves, including taking care of our skin. How many times have you fallen into bed or rushed through a morning compromising your skincare routine? We’re all guilty of that, which is why Skinesque makes it easy to incorporate regular maintenance into our hectic lifestyles.

It’s also travel friendly so you can throw a few masks into your carry-on, which is a nice treat after a long flight or during a busy business trip. A lot of my customer feedback revolves around the ease-of-use. Convenience is king and Skinesque makes it super easy. The packaging is also elegant, making it an ideal gift for the person that has everything, except time to go to the spa!


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