City of Saints: The Mod Mom & Pop

A new kind of coffee shop has emerged: the Millennial’s version of mom and pop. After a Starbucks Star-Bellied Sneetches-type takeover the past couple decades, it’s refreshing to see the return of unique coffee shops.

City of Saints, which just opened on my street (10th St. in the East Village) has that individual quality you won’t find on the next block, or the next block, or the next… Don’t get me wrong, I love a creamy Starbucks latte and for years I’ve been runnin’ on Dunkin’, but I appreciate the one-of-a-kind cafe that’s making a comeback.

City of Saints feels like you’re in someone’s tricked-out garage. It’s modern and simple, but cool. The vibe is easy-going and friendly.

They’re also keeping it close to home.
The coffee is brewed in Brooklyn.
The guy who designed the space (AndrewCoslow) is based in New Jersey.
And even the juice and other treats are locally made.

Lately, they’ve been collaborating with graffiti artists on their packaging, like Mr. Nerds and Dasic Fernandez. Who knew drinking coffee could also support the arts? Bonus buzz!

So the next time you find yourself in the East Village jonesing for some Joe, check ’em out.


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