Nerdy Pampering

Yes, Halloween is a week away. No, that’s not my mask. Well, it is, but not for trick or treating… just for treating, me!

MaskNER:D Skincare is a DIY spa. I love massages and facials, but my wallet doesn’t, so finding this product was wonderful. I tried the Super Hydrating Mask, $20, which is great during the change of seasons. It felt like the fountain of youth on my face.

It was also real easy to use. After removing the mask from the packaging, peel away the supportive films and place on your face. Set a timer for 30 minutes, grab a book, sit back and relax.  Or call a friend — just warn them if you’re using FaceTime!  “Is that you, Ali, or Lord Voldemort?”

Once you’re done discard the mask and rub the remaining product into your skin on your face and neck, avoiding the eyes.  Don’t rinse it off like you do with other masks.  Just let the goodness seep in and do it’s thing.  And exactly what is that?

The folks at NER:D are science geeks and grow something called “Biocellulose,” which is the magic ingredient in their masks. As they explain it: “This layer of polsaccharides (sugars!) develops using acetic acid bacteria (AABs) – the same method used for centuries in food and in modern medical treatments.”


“Deep-down Biocellulose Nanostructure.”


“We bred our strain of AAB to build the smoothest, most even pattern of microfibrils possible, because that’s what works best on human skin.”nerd

Basically, they have a philosophy:  “We weren’t born out of an MBA class or a board room. We were born out of a science lab. Are we nerds? Yes, we are. But that’s what makes us unique.” 

It’s also what makes them skincare geniuses!  After completing my mask a friend came over and asked if I’d just worked out because I looked so rejuvenated.  It really is a great product for anyone wanting a stay-at-home spa.  Revenge of the Nerds just took on a whole new meaning. 

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